A radically new experience in connection & care

Hula is designed for aging adults, adult children, and their children, providing novel ways to connect and play across generations. Hula also uses non-intrusive voice and video analysis to provide a window into loved ones' or your own wellbeing.

Try Fun Challenges

Engage the whole family in new ways

Who says age differences need to prevent the whole family from participating?

Our platform revolves around "Hulas” - prompts that all family members respond to in their own short video. Participants record their response, and their family can watch these videos on their own time.

Hula comes with endless challenge ideas in six categories: food, movies & books, brain games, exercise, arts & crafts, and storytelling. Or, write your own meaningful prompt customized to your family!

"This would help to develop a better conversation - more active, more fun - you'd just want to do it more!"

-Adult child

Connect Through Video

See everyone on your own time

We understand you can't be together 24/7. But video messages are the next best thing.

Video messages show a snapshot of your loved one face-to-face. Especially for adult children, video can provide key information they might miss about an aging parent over the phone.  Where are they in the video? How do they look? What are their emotions?

Most video messaging platforms are live and demand coordinating schedules. That won't work for busy families. Instead, our platform allows individuals to view and record videos on their own time.

"This can provide peace of mind to see how your elderly family members are doing."

-Adult child

Automate Wellness Analysis

Look out for loved ones more easily

Most medical monitoring solutions are obtrusive, invasive, and require sensors or wearables. For those interested in preventive care, Hula builds wellness analysis right into the experience.

Thanks to clinically-backed technology developed by a host of renowned partners, Hula leverages the capabilities of smart devices to analyze Hula videos for health markers. Analysis is currently available for lung health, cognitive health, emotional state, tremor, and physical pain. Tracked over time, these may help detect and prevent larger issues like high blood pressure, dementia, or congestive heart failure.

“I currently do a check with AARP and their cognitive test, which takes 30 minutes. I like that this is faster and on a weekly basis instead of a 6 month basis!”

-Aging adult


Share Data Comfortably

Request and share wellness data with privacy in mind

Health can be hard to talk about, but we know it's more important than ever to keep an eye on our loved ones. Individuals are in control of who sees their wellness data, and may approve family members' requests to view.

Hula anonymizes user data, so no one but you and your family will see it.

“As our kids grow older they are more and more concerned about our health, so this could be for us.”

-Aging adult


Delivering on the promise of Hula drives value for families, Nationwide, and the aging in place ecosystem.

Hula brings value to stakeholders across the Silver Economy.

The Silver Economy describes the market of products and services designed to meet the needs of older adults. Multiple sources of value within Hula offer Nationwide the opportunity to strengthen its position as a market leader.

Benefiting parties include senior care companies, nonprofits, insurers, health-tech companies, private researchers, government agencies, and internal Nationwide partners.


Nationwide can bring Hula to market in two primary ways.

Preferred Partnership Model

Nationwide can sell the rights to preferred partners to use Hula on their devices in service of better aging in place care. Nationwide might look to its existing partnership with to distribute Hula on GreatCall devices like the senior Jitterbug phone. Other interested parties may include health-tech and senior care companies.

Consumer Subscription Model

Nationwide can also offer Hula direct to consumers as a freemium model. In this model, Nationwide financial advisors are a key asset to bring Hula to consumers, enabling advisors to serve their customers’ needs in retirement beyond finances. In preliminary tests some consumers indicated willingness to pay for premium health analytics features after a trial period. Premium features might include the type, quantity, or frequency of metrics available, as well as the number of family members with data access.

Our prototype is just the beginning.

Our feature roadmap  illustrates our vision of Hula's release.

Our current prototype includes Hula challenge and wellness features, but messaging, memories and onboarding capabilities would also need to be developed prior to the first launch. In the roadmap, we also indicate our recommended next set of features for the subsequent release. 



We are thrilled for Nationwide Innovation to carry forth this work to benefit families across the U.S.