Improving families' aging in place experience through multigenerational connection

Product design by Carnegie Mellon Master's students for Nationwide Innovation

Introducing Hula

A multigenerational platform for connection and wellbeing

Your circle, connected

Just because our family lives far away doesn't mean we have to miss out! Make new memories and look out for your loved ones like you're right there.

New ways to engage

No more coordinating schedules for lengthy video calls to keep in touch! "Hulas" are fun challenge prompts for one member to launch, and the whole family to answer in their own short video.

Promote wellbeing

We know families worry, especially when they're not there. Hula’s wellness capability leverages clinically-proven technology to detect health markers from your videos for peace of mind.


Why is this a problem worth solving? The number of families with loved ones aging in place will double in the next decade.


Designed for families

We collaborated with Nationwide Insurance Innovation to design a product that would positively impact families in retirement. Our team of researchers and designers embarked on a 7-month journey to understand the challenges aging adults and their families face.

Hula emerged from the understanding that aging in place is not a solo journey. What aging adults desire most is to engage with their families, and especially their grandchildren. Beyond social engagement, families can play an important role in keeping aging adults healthy and happy - and children of aging parents value this connection just as much.

Designed for peace of mind

Beyond showing love and care for their aging parents, adult children want to ensure their parents are safe and healthy. Especially for those who live at a distance from their parent, they feel constant worry. This has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To alleviate their concern, adults we spoke with wanted more information about their parents' health and wellbeing. Most of all, they wanted to connect more deeply with their parent in a way that aligned with their own busy schedule and family life.

We designed Hula to meet their needs, as well as those of their parents.



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